2021 President's Message

January 13, 2021
Written by: Alex Pulliam

Jane Doe
Alex Pulliam, 2021 CREW New Mexico President

2021: The Year of Firsts

Gavin DeGraw sang in I Don’t Want to Be, “Part of where I’m going, is knowing where I’m coming from.” And as we turn the page to a new year of CREW New Mexico, I want to reflect on where we are coming from as we begin to draw out the map of where we are going.

Our chapter exists thanks to the incredible efforts of our founder, past presidents, board of directors and members. For the last 13 years these are the people who helped pave the way for all of us to have a “seat at the table” and to achieve success in commercial real estate. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of our leaders and serve as your 2021 CREW New Mexico President.  And, I am excited for all of us to create more seats for others to join our table. 

As a member of CREW, you are part of a global support system of members who want to help you succeed. We have some of the most talented, passionate experts in commercial real estate and there is no such thing as a “cold call”. CREW is a network of members who are ready and willing to help you. 

In addition to our careers CREW members are also parents, spouses, partners, caregivers, teachers and so much more.  While we continue to deal with the ongoing uncertainties of a global pandemic, please know you are not alone. We are here to lift up one another in any form, and we will make it through this together because CREW has your back. 

My challenge to everyone is to make 2021 a Year of Firsts. By making it a Year of Firsts, I want each of you to do something for the first time. Make that first cold call you’ve been too nervous to make, be the first to step-up to lead, run your first race, discipline yourself to hit a financial goal for the first time – do whatever it takes to create a positive change in your life and/or others. 

When you decide what you want to do for the first time, remember to think CREW first. Use our network for your resources. Ask a CREW member for help. Join a committee that challenges you do something better in the workplace.  Create a seat at your table for another CREW member. And let us know what CREW can do for you?

Stay tuned for exceptional programming to help grow your business and CREW Brews to grow your personal skills. With health and safety being our top priority, we will begin the year with virtual events and (hopefully) see each other in person soon. 

I look forward to serving alongside all of you this year and I am excited to see how many new things we can achieve together!