President’s Message 

June 7, 2020
Written by: Kelly Mancha
Kelly Mancha, President
CREW New Mexico
Dear CREW New Mexico Community, 
As we work to get back to the next normal, I want to take a moment to thank each of you for being a positive light in our community.  Thank you for coming together to support one another through this trying time.  The stories of encouragement, phone calls, cards, emails and the overall outpouring of support that has come out of this has been inspiring. 
While the city and state have started to reopen, we understand that the need for support continues to grow.  Therefore, we have started our CREW Support series to discuss topics and help our members connect with those that are facing similar challenges. On Mondays we are offering calls for Parents of Preschoolers, Empty Nesters, Entrepreneurs, and Single Parents.  Wednesdays we are hosting calls for Parents of Elementary Schoolers, Never Nesters, and Parents of Older Kids.  Then on Tuesday and Thursday we come together for Financial Wellness and Emotional Balance, respectively. 
In addition to the calls, we have started CREW Cruise to give our members the opportunity the walk the Academy track while seeing some friendly faces.  We will meet at Hoffmantown Church at 9:00am every Saturday morning.  Please distance park your cars and, as a reminder, if you are uncomfortable or feeling ill please do not attend.  The safety and wellbeing of our members will remain our top priority.  Please be sure to wear any protective items you need to feel comfortable and our leashed, well-mannered 4-legged friends are always welcome. 
CREW New Mexico is here to support you where you are and I ask each of you to find the help and encouragement you need. Should you just need an ear or a shoulder to lean on, I am always here.  I can be reached at (505) 363-2633.  

Remember you are not in this alone and I can think of 90 other people who don’t only want to see you survive, but THRIVE! 

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