Outgoing President Message

December 22, 2019
Written by: Michelle Franks

Your Network is Net Worth

As 2019 draws to a close, I want to thank you for giving me one of the most wondrous years of my life! From my vantage at the podium, I was truly able to witness the sheer magnitude of the impressiveness of this chapter. Our members are among the most powerful and influential people in our metro area. They are the people who will lift you up to succeed, take your hand and lead you to The Deal, walk with you, arm-in-arm, through your journey of expertise and growth. We had programs this year which put us on the map and earned interest from a variety of other organizations! We learned the nomenclature of Economic Development.

We heard from the people involved in the projects which will impact the well-being of our community and the financial health of our commercial properties, like NM United, Oasis of Opportunity in Los Lunas, the Sawmill Market and Explora’s Cradles to Careers vision. We had the chance to chat with Kim Moore, a site selector, and feel good about all our community can offer an economic based employer! Heading Home gave us insight into the efforts underway in addressing the homeless crisis in our midst. Thank you to our Events Committee for setting the bar so high!

This year our membership increased to 110 members and set a trajectory for greater growth in 2020! The support we received from our sponsors was greater than ever before. We received the gift of service in our opportunity to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (such a special day for those involved). We had the most effective distribution of chapter information with our CREW Views and the initiation of social media. We were the FIRST chapter within CREW Network to achieve the three goals set forth by Network for the Chapter Foundation challenge! Also, you don’t know this, but… we began the year with a very tight budget for all that we wanted to accomplish, and yet, we did everything we wanted to do, under budget and with flourish! We graduated our 6th Mentoring Program AND saw all the 2019 protégé’s become CREW members! We created a new committee this year for Power of Crew and You and I cannot wait to see our membership drive results! I bow before all of you who were members of these committees, a la Wayne’s World (sans the terrible hair and with more fashionable clothes): “I’m not worthy”.

I am proud to have been your President and I cannot thank you enough for entrusting me with the direction of our organization. I can honestly say that, through you, I have grown and found my power. Your accompaniment in my presidential journey empowered me to be all that I could be. I hope you will allow me to accompany you on your journey in the future to be all that you can be. As you know, in CREW, we’ve got your back, but more importantly, YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH!