October Meeting Recap

October 27, 2019
Written by: Michelle Franks
Left to right: Joe Hastings, Suzie Lubar, Michelle Franks and Kristin Leigh
We had the pleasure of learning about the planned improvements to the Sawmill District, including Explora’s XStudio and the Cradle to Careers STEAM Learning Campus. Suzie Lubar, Vice President of Real Estate and General Counsel, Heritage Hotels & Resorts, discussed the creative placemaking (a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces) which has occurred or is in the process of coming to fruition in early 2020 in the Sawmill District. We also heard about several recent updates and additions to the Heritage Hotels’ properties in the Old Town area, including a sneak peek at the Sawmill Market, which will hold many must-visit tenants like: Flora, Mercantile CafĂ©, Paxton’s, Botanical Bar, Eldora Chocolate, Cacho’s Bistro and Tulipani….just to name a few!

Executive Director Joe Hastings and Deputy Director Kristin Leigh with Explora talked about their Cradles to Careers and X Studio campus, an 8,000 square foot expansion at the museum. “It’s about robotics, it’s about drones, and it’s about mixing music, it’s about making things on a 3D printer, and that’s what kids are excited about. Their goal to create a pipeline of labor that loves STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Explora recently hosted a teen night which was attended by over 600 students, confirming their demand for programs like this!

These two projects will change the streetscape for this area near Old Town and create a whole new experience for Albuquerque!