2019 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace Recap

October 27, 2019
Written by: Kelly Mancha
Convention attendees included, left to right: Gabriela Marques, Kate Potter, Debbie Dupes, Joanie Griffin, Dena Crain and Kelly Mancha
The 2019 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace kicked off in Orlando, Florida on September 25th. Meeting topics included Lessons in Leadership, Global Capital Markets, Venture Capital, The Future of Work, Cutting Edge Materials & Methods, and a Distinguished Leaders Roundtable.

Keynote speakers, Carey Lohrenz, shared experiences from the cockpit as the first female to fly an F-14 Tomcat Fighter jet and how what she did and decisions she had to make, mirror what we do every single day.

Sarah Robb O’Hagan, who was fired from her first two jobs with Nike and Virgin Records demonstrated how to step up, stand out and succeed (not quite the title of her book)…check it out! The CREW New Mexico attendees were immersed in the “Power of CREW” for three days of meetings, workshops, coffee talks, networking and brainstorming on ways to make our chapter better and more resilient.

2019 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace resources are available at https://crewnetwork.org/microsites/conventions/2019.