June Meeting Recap

July 16, 2019
Written by: Valery Simpson
From left to right: Speakers Shanite Shahzad, Jodie Jepson, Carol Brusca and Michelle Franks
The June CREW Breakfast Meeting featured a presentation by Heading Home and addressed the hurdles faced by the homeless. With their experience, Heading Home is spearheading ABQ StreetConnect which is an initiative started by Heading Home to answer Albuquerque's call to help for those experiencing chronic homelessness in the downtown area. ABQ StreetConnect is a housing-focused outreach initiative offering in-depth triage and rapid connections to homeless services and housing subsidies. They focus their efforts on identifying, and housing individuals who utilize medical and first responder services at a high rate due to medical and psychiatric acuity.  

Heading Home needs your support to eliminate the barriers that can prevent complex care clients from being successful, to connect those most in need with critical services in a cost-effective manner, and to improve quality of life for everyone in our community.

If you need assistance, education, training, or outreach please contact: 
Jodie Jepson 
ABQSC Director 505.933.3268 

Jodie’s advice to think safety:

Look before you enter. The signs of a vacant space being occupied are: 
  • Damage or pry marks on the entrance door
  • Loose or damaged plywood
  • Tents, sleeping bags, trash, needles
  • Feces or urine on the walls
  • Foot prints on the walls near roof access ladders and electrical boxes. This usually occurs when an individual is occupying the space on your roof.

If you feel there are signs of your property being occupied, you should call law enforcement to help remove the individuals. 

If you encounter a person who is occupying your space, do not confront the individual unless you feel comfortable. Keep in mind the individual may have a behavioral disorder, mental disability, or be on drugs.

Remember we all have different stressors that can cause an outburst. A potential stressor for a homeless individual is taking or touching his/her backpack or personal belongings. This individual may react with violence to protect his/her belongings. 

Thank you to our sponsors!