CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit Recap

June 30, 2019
Written by: President-Elect, Kelly Mancha
From left to right:  Kelly Mancha, Shirley Anderson, Kate Dimock, Genieve Posen
CREW New Mexico members recently returned from the CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit held in Kansas City. Kelly Mancha with VIP Insurance Services, Shirley Anderson with Klinger Constructors, Genieve Posen with NAI Maestas & Ward and Kate Dimock with D/P/S Architects attended sessions on chapter leadership, utilizing LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool, open forums with peer exchange, panel discussions, and countless networking opportunities with CREW members from across the country. These summits provide exposure to a larger group of Network peers and create a sense of camaraderie with members that lead to real business results. If you are looking to expand your reach, stretch across chapter lines, and see the benefits of CREW Network in real time, consider applying for a scholarship to the next CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit in Santa Clara, CA.  

CREW Network Leadership Summits are about tapping into our strengths and increasing our industry knowledge.  Scholarships are open to all CREW NM members who want to increase their abilities as chapter leaders and advance their careers through business connections and development sessions.  Talk to our President-Elect, Kelly Mancha if you have questions!

Most memorable quotes shared; 
"Life is better when you work with fantastic people" Wendy Mann, CREW Network CEO  
“You already have everything in you that you need.”  Holly Neber, CREW Network President 2019
“There’s no such thing as a cold call in CREW.”  Claire Roberts, MNCREW
“Your CREW members always have your back.” Claire Roberts, MNCREW

Read about their Summit experience.

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