Outgoing President’s Message

December 26, 2018
Written by: Justine Deshayes
2018 CREW New Mexico President
Justine Deshayes
Wells Fargo Bank

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served as the 2018 CREW New Mexico President. I am even more thankful for those Board Members and Committee Chairs who led the chapter to greatness. The 2018 leadership team was exceptional, engaged, creative, organized, accountable…I could go on forever!

As 2018 comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of CREW New Mexico during 2018. The success of our chapter would not have been possible without service from amazing members and generosity from supportive sponsors. The focus during this year was MEMBER VALUE- which several of our achievements below delivered:
  • Grew our membership to more than 100 commercial real estate professionals!
  • Recognized as the 2nd chapter globally to meet CREW Network Foundation’s Chapter Challenge.
  • Offered the first Leadership Cultivation and Succession Planning Workshop to the Board and Past Presidents.
  • Secured a record number of sponsors.
  • Represented by an all-time high number of CREW New Mexico members at two Leadership Summits and National Convention.
  • Promoted membership benefits of CREW Network, including the Network Webinar entitled “Finishing the Year Strong: Tips and Resources for Achieving Your Goals This Year”.
  • Offered insightful, groundbreaking programming focusing on the commercial real estate industry and professional development.
  • Lended helping hands during our outreach project benefiting TenderLove Community Center.
  • Participated in the CREW Network Chapter Leadership Circle.
  • Launched a new and improved CREW New Mexico website (www.crewnewmexico.org).
The chapter’s future next year is bright with the leadership of Michelle Franks, Studio Southwest Architects, as the 2019 President. Her leadership team is nothing but remarkable as well. I thank each one of you for your contributions this year, and challenge you to identify how you would like to serve CREW New Mexico or CREW Network next year. Member involvement is the catalyst for personal and chapter success.

Serving as President this year has been my honor, and I am thrilled to remain involved as CREW New Mexico continues to advance the achievements of women in commercial real estate.