CREW NM Celebrates its 100th Member (and 2 other new members)!

September 24, 2018
Written by: Communications Chair
CREW New Mexico is excited to announce its 100th member has joined the chapter!  Emma Thorpe (Property Manager, Peterson Properties LLC) was recently approved for membership in CREW New Mexico.  She was a participant in the 2015 Mentoring Program as a protégé to mentor Sherry Read (Century Bank). Congratulations Emma and CREW New Mexico on this great achievement!

Congratulations also to new member David Shaffer (President, AIC General Contractor); AIC has been a long-time CREW Sponsor.  Suzanne Mirabal (Senior Vice President, Commercial Team Lead, Southwest Capital Bank) also recently joined the chapter.  CREW New Mexico is excited to continue to grow its membership, making this the best year yet!

Emma Thorpe
Property Manager 
Peterson Properities, LLC
David Shaffer 
AIC General Contractor
Suzanne Mirabal 
Senior Vice President
Southwest Capital Bank