Mentoring Committee

Oversees and implements CREW New Mexico’s mentoring program, “Empowering Future Leaders”. The Mentoring Committee recruits experienced mentors who can impart knowledge and professional guidance. The mentors are paired with individuals in the commercial real estate industry through an extensive selection process which includes reviewing applications and a pairing event. The program utilizes CREW Network’s Mentoring Modules which are designed as a guide to help mentors lead protégés through a process of self-discovery, growth and planning. Mentors and Protégés are paired in January and work together on all modules culminating in a graduation ceremony in October of each year.

4:00 pm second Tuesday of each month



Attorney, Moses, Dunn, Farmer & Tuthill, P.C.
Owner, Villalobos Builders LLC

Committee Members

Board Liaison

Leasing & Commercial Property Operations, C&S Real Estate & Development, LLC