Board of Directors

Back L-R: Michelle Franks, Alex Borgeson, Shirley Anderson, Jennifer Greenwood, Sherry Read, Katie Schroeder, Kelly Mancha Front L-R: Jeanie Springer Knight, Martha Carpenter, Alex Pulliam, Bobbi Kay Nelson, Justine Deshayes

CREW New Mexico is managed by a Board of Directors that works together to set and accomplish the Chapter's strategic goals to advance the success of women in commercial real estate. Serving on the CREW New Mexico Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking. All CREW New Mexico Board members, officers, and committee chairs serve individual terms of one to two years.

Officers and Directors

Reasons to Serve

  • Increased visibility within the CRE industry
  • Leadership skills and experience that benefit you and your company
  • Impact on the future of women in CRE
  • Expanded professional connections
  • Opportunity to influence direction and benefits of CREW New Mexico membership

2019 CREW New Mexico Board of Directors


Michelle Franks
Studio Southwest Architects
(505) 843-9639


Kelly Mancha
VIP Insurance Services
(505) 924-6394

Past President

Justine Deshayes
Wells Fargo Bank
(505) 766-6481


Alexandra Pulliam
Enterprise Builders
(505) 796-7358


Laurie Roach
Hillcrest Bank
(505) 341-8134

Director - Community Outreach

Veronica Giron
Nusenda Credit Union
(505) 872-5425

Director - Membership

Dawn Beck
Bank of Albuquerque
(505) 492-8120

Director - Events

Keri Stewart
Results 4 Business
(505) 296-3440

Director - Communications

Charity Blanchard
AUI, Inc.
(505) 242-4848

Director – Mentoring

Jennifer Greenwood
Stewart Title
(505) 828-1700

Director – Careers and Education

Bobbi Kay Nelson
Atkinson & Co.
(505) 205-0387


Sherry Read
Century Bank
(505) 798-5921

Past Presidents

L-R: Kathleen Gallegos, Martha Carpenter, Shirley Anderson, Sherry Read, Jane Pilger, Debbie Dupes, Stephanie Skaggs, Jeanie Springer Knight

Jane Pilger, 2007-2009
Stephanie Skaggs, 2010
Debbie Dupes, 2011
Martha Carpenter, 2012
Sherry Read, 2013
Shirley Anderson, 2014
Mary Jury, 2015
Kathleen Gallegos, 2016
Jeanie Springer Knight, 2017
Justine Deshayes, 2018